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Biblical Recorder Annual Report

Biblical Recorder Annual Report

Lost! Can you feel the despair and hopelessness that erupts from that word? Lost! It’s a very uncomfortable feeling.

A child that is separated from his parents in a large shopping mall; a woman driving alone down a rural road at night and cannot find her way; a hiker in the woods with no clear sense of where he is – these are only a few scenes where untold anguish captivates the heart of a person who does not know where they are or what to do next.

Jesus talked about the problems associated with lostness in the 15th chapter of the Gospel of Luke. He told three great parables that illustrate the concerns. a sheep is lost, a coin is lost, and a son is lost. Each situation caused deep concern, but produced great celebration when found.

Lostness is a problem. It’s a bad thing when someone or something is lost. But spiritual lostness is much worse because it is eternal. It cannot be ignored. It is irreversible after the last breath leaves the human body.

Your Biblical Recorder staff shares the concerns of Baptist leaders who are addressing the spiritual poverty and lostness around us. The downturn in baptisms within the Southern Baptist Convention says we are not responding to the distress call of our neighbors. Spiritual darkness dominates our communities.

The mission of the Biblical Recorder is not simply to provide news and information from a Christian worldview. We also want to motivate N.C. Baptists to change the trend of increasing lostness in North Carolina and the world. Our mission is the Great Commission. We partner with the local church to help motivate and equip members to share the gospel.

More people are dying without Christ in our state than ever in history. There are more lost people in North Carolina now than in any time in history. That is not acceptable to our Lord and is not acceptable to your Biblical Recorder staff.

We want to impact lostness. We want to see our churches revitalized and church members on fire for Christ. We want to encourage our fellow believers to regularly engage in gospel conversations. We want to see new churches planted and more believers sent out from local churches to take the gospel around the world.

When you pick up a copy of the Biblical Recorder or read our online content, you can be confident we are doing our best to give you news, information and inspiration that is biblical, focused on the Great Commission and glorifying God. That’s what we do!

We believe church members and attenders are better equipped to fulfill their life’s mission when they have the right information. Where is your church family getting their information from Monday to Saturday? Are they feeding from unreliable news sources that have an unbiblical agenda, or are they getting the Biblical Recorder? Is the secular media their only source? If so, that needs to change.

If Christians are going to reach our lost culture, we need information that is both inspirational and accurate. Your Biblical Recorder staff is serious about equipping our readers to impact lostness.

All of the people in your church need the Biblical Recorder for many reasons. Here are a few.

We inform church leaders so they can lead the church and community better. No other news source is doing what we do

We inform church members and attenders so they will be faithful, witnessing Christians in this challenging culture, and so they will be healthy, active supporters of the local church. We belong to North Carolina Baptists and are accountable to you. The news we report is tailored to the needs of our Baptist audience. We write from the perspective of a Christian worldview with a focus on the Great Commission. We report news about your Southern Baptist and North Carolina Baptist mission agencies, seminaries and related entities. Please tell your church we are here to serve them. We need pastors and church staff who will tell their church family about the Recorder’s ministry. We support the ministry of your church 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are your partners. We need lay leaders who will tell their friends about us. If your church does not have a group plan, please subscribe individually. We need church group subscription plans. This has historically been the lifeblood of the Recorder. Over the past 20 years churches have reduced or eliminated group plans for financial reasons or from dissatisfaction with the Recorder. We have worked hard to rebuild the Recorder into a meaningful, affordable source for Baptist news and information. Will you consider expanding your church group plan or begin a new group? Consider including a Biblical Recorder subscription plan in your budget. Send the Recorder to every deacon, teacher and other key leaders. The return on your investment will be strong. It will prove to be very valuable to your church and to Kingdom ministry around the world.

  1. We need team players who support the Cooperative Program. We are on the team with you and more than 47,000 Southern Baptist churches. We are supported by your gifts to the Cooperative Program, subscriptions, advertising and gifts from donors. Thank you for your support in each of these areas.

People need to know! North Carolina Baptists need to know! There is no reason to live in the dark, unaware of news and information that could make you a stronger follower of Jesus Christ.

We believe God is glorified when His church is strong, healthy and living out both the Great Commandments (Matthew 22:37) and the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20). So, your Biblical Recorder staff works diligently to provide church leaders with articles, stories and information to that end.

Here are the main tools we use to get the news to you:

The Biblical Recorder in print is a great value. Individual members can subscribe or the church can provide for its members at a discounted rate. A copy will be mailed directly to their home. Bulk copies can be mailed to the church for distribution. Visit

  • Get the Biblical Recorder in a digital format. This is the full version of the printed copy, in an easy-to-read digital format.It’s free if you have a paid subscription to the print edition. Subscriptions to only the digital edition are affordable, also.
  • Our website,, is packed with more than 16,000 pages of valuable information. It is one of the highest ranked websites among Baptist newspapers worldwide.
  • Download the BR smartphone app It is a free, easy way to get important news items at your fingertips. The new app has become a popular way to stay close to vital information on your iPhone or Android.
  • BRweekly is a free, email newsletter. If you sign up today, every Wednesday morning you will receive an email summary of the week’s important news and brief comments from the editor in your inbox.
  • Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. We’re able to give you breaking news and important information quickly.

We want to help your members grow stronger in every way – stronger in their personal walk with God, stronger in their support of their church, stronger in their involvement with Baptist missions and ministries in North Carolina, stronger in their work with international missions. This blesses your church and honors God. Regardless of what you have perceived the Recorder to be in the past, this is our present focus and commitment.

Please visit to learn how you can inform your church about the many ways the Biblical Recorder will help the people in your congregation stay informed.

]The Biblical Recorder is proud to be an agency of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina since 1939. We are equally proud to support the ministries of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Thank you for your partnership in the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is a privilege to join you in standing firm on the truth of scripture.

Biblical Recorder 205 Convention Drive Cary, NC 27511 919-847-2127

Lee Pigg, chairman, board of directors

  1. Allan Blume, editor/president