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Letter to Pastors

September 6, 2017

Dear Pastor,

We are living in a day when objective research shows that the overwhelmingly majority of churches are experiencing either stagnation or decline.  Only by the power of God and obedience to the Word of God will this change.

Dr. Thom Rainer is a Southern Baptist Leader who has a burden to help churches which are stagnate or declining to find a new day of the church seeing God bring renewal, revival and revitalization to the church. This Video course is one of the foundational tools I am presenting using to serve some 8 pastors in being used of God as a revitalizer in the church they serve.

Dr. Rainer’s video course will also benefit any church that is Biblically growing and wishes to learn how to keep the church by the Hand of God from experiencing stagnation or decline.

Beginning Thursday, September 21, from 9 – 10 am at the Baptist Center, we will offer for Pastors, Dr. Thom Rainer’s Video Course aimed at helping churches who are stagnate and/or declining to find the Hand of God in reversing the trend and moving toward a new day of church renewal, revival and revitalization.

Each teaching session of Dr. Rainer’s is approximately 30 minutes.  The other 30 minutes of our hour together will be used for discussion, application and prayer.  Each session will be structured according to the following to be sensitive to the busyness of pastoral life:

Open prayer

Listen via video Dr. Thom Rainer each each lesson (20-25 minutes)

Discussion of application around the lession (15 minutes)

Prayer Time to pray for our churches and pastors (15-20 minutes)

This course will be offered also on Thursday nights for Pastors who are either bi-vocational or cannot make the morning session.

The video course will cover the following subjects:

  1. Some tips for successful revitalization from Dr. Thom Rainer
  2. Seven Things that can stop you from leading revitalization
  3. Seven ways to deal with critics in the midst of revitalization
  4. The four-legged stool to revitalization
  5. Revitalization and the awesome power of a high expectation church
  6. Revitalization and ten examples of raising expectations in your church
  7. Simple church and revitalization
  8. Revitalization and clarity and movement
  9. Revitalization and alignment and focus
  10. Revitalization and outward focus
  11. Revitalization and ten practical examples of outward focus
  12. Revitalization and relational skills of the leaders
  13. Revitalization and leadership skills needed
  14. A checklist for revitalization – Part 1
  15. A checklist for revitalization – Part 2

Pastors who attend will receive a detailed listening guide for each session.  Each pastor will also receive many revitalization and church renewal resources such as:

  • Eight steps to see God create a Dynamic and Highly Beneficial New Members Class
  • Fourteen Practical Ways to Connect with Millennials to see God revitalize your church
  • Sermon helps for preaching on revitalization
  • Outreach Ideas for reaching a community
  • Church Revitalization Journals
  • And much more

One of our goals is that after a pastor has gone through the course is to make the course available to each pastor to use in his church to train key leaders in the principles learned.

If you are lead of God to be served by this video series beginning Thursday, September 21 from 9-10 am at the Baptist Center or Thursday night from 6-7 pm, please let me know by Friday, September 15 so adequate materials can be available.  Please let me know via email, text or phone if you plan to attend.

It is my joy and privilege to serve the pastors and churches of the Transylvania Baptist Association in joining hearts and hands under the Lordship of Jesus Christ and in obedience to the Word of God and the Great Commission in the power of the Holy Spirit.

I look forward to hearing from you by Friday, September 15.

Your servant in Christ,

Bro. Mike