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Transylvania Jail Ministry

“God’s at work!!!

It is exciting to see what God is doing here the Transylvania County Sheriff’s Department & Detention Center! 

Jails and Prisons make for good fertile soil for seeds to be planted, watered, and sprout.  Many times it takes something to get our attention to ponder the spiritual need in our life. The consequences from broken laws and broken lives do just that. Many, [not all], inmates realize that it is time for a life change.  So through our Bible Teachers and preachers, and as chaplain sitting down with a “one on one” conversation, we are seeing inmates praying, repenting, being saved, Born Again and baptized!!!  It is so rewarding to see their attitudes and demeanor being changed; seeing a new Bible given them, become a worn and frayed Bible!!! 

One of our inmates that was saved here and was not long to be released, was given the opportunity to be baptized here at the Detention Center, but chose to hold off and go back to his home town and be baptized by a pastor that he knew, where he could stand and give his testimony in front of his family and friends [that knew how he had lived], as to what Christ Jesus had done for him!!!  As he followed through with it, he contacted me and I was able to see on his Facebook, his baptism and testimony of that day!!!  He said The Holy Spirit was so very present in that service!!!  To God be ALL the glory for what He has done and is doing!!!

Another beautiful story was one of our pastor’s being able to lead and inmate to The Lord and follow through with baptizing the inmate. The beauty of the story was – that same inmate had, two years previously, broken into that pastor’s house and cleaned him out!!! This pastor, [by God’s grace], forgave the inmate, led him to The Lord, and baptized him!!!  And then to see these two standing and crying as they embraced each other was a sight to behold!!!  It wasn’t a preacher and an inmate, it was now two brothers in Christ!!! 

I especially have to thank God for all that He is doing here and the wonderful team of Bible Teachers and preachers that He has put together here at TCSO & Detention Center!!!  I routinely hear them make the remark of how they came to be a blessing, but how they are blessed each time they come. Jesus says, “it is more blessed to give than to receive.”  Praise His Holy Name!!!

Since February, 2017 we have had 17 professions of their Faith in Christ, 14 baptized, and three being saved but transferred to other facilities before being able to hold a baptism service. Again, PRAISE GOD FOR ALL HE IS DOING HERE at TCSO & Detention Center!!!

If you happen to be a preacher or experienced Bible Teacher and feel the leading of The Lord to become part of the ministry team here at the Detention Center, please give me a call here at 884-3168 ext. 244 to talk about it. The process would involve: interview with me; filling out an application; background check; fingerprinting; three names for reference given by you; photo for ID Badge. 

Numbers 6:24-26,                                                                                                                 

Hank Moffitt                                                                                                                                    

Chaplain TCSO & Detention Center “