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Red Box WMU Mission Project for NC Correctional Institute for Women


Attention Associational WMU Directors or pass along to the Missions Involvement Person or the person responsible for the Red Box Ministry in your assoc. WMU:

Each Christmas, women from all across North Carolina provide gifts to fill approximately 1700 red boxes to be given to women inmates at North Carolina Correctional Institute for Women and Raleigh Correctional Center for Women.  For many of these women our gift is all they receive.  As one woman told us, “Your (WMU) gift has been the only gift I receive at Christmas.  It’s the highlight of my Christmas”.

North Roanoke Association WMU and Buncombe Association WMU provide gifts for the women’s facilities in their area, which means a ministry to an additional 600 inmates.

The gifts are packed in a bright red gift box that is a little larger than a shoebox.  The words “A Gift from North Carolina Baptist Woman’s Missionary Union” are printed on the top of each box.  A Christmas card and scripture tract are included in each box.   Associations participate by sending the needed items or money. Volunteers put the boxes together and pack the boxes.

With an undertaking this large, we must have some guidelines.  They are found on the back of this page.  Please read these carefully before you choose the item your association will provide.  NOTE:  This selection should be a joint decision between the WMU director and the Missions Involvement Consultant.  Please return the attached sheet on or before AUGUST 1 or call or email me with your request (my contact info is below my name at the bottom of this letter).

Please know these gifts do make a difference.  Thank you for all your work and support in this ministry.    Please do not bring items before October 20.  PLEASE HAVE THE GIFTS TO CAMP MUNDO VISTA BY FRIDAY, NOV. 3!!


Bring the items to camp during the work week of Monday – Friday during the day.   If you need to come at another time please contact Bob Navey in advance to confirm that this is a time when camp is open.   Bob’s contact info is 336-625-4828.  Please bring someone with you to help unload.  If possible we don’t want to disturb the camp staff from their work.


Margaret T. Harding

2017 Coordinator

GUIDELINES – We must comply with the guide below…no exceptions

Please read all of these guidelines before making your choice.

  1. Since the items and sizes on the list are the only ones approved by the correctional centers, send only those items and sizes. If you send money it will be used to buy the scripture leaflets, Christmas cards, and items not collected.
  2. Send only new items with the price/sticker removed.
  3. Please do not send glass or metal containers, wrapped gifts, or attach scripture verses to items. There are reasons for these requests.
  4. Communicate these guidelines to your women. If possible, have a sample of the item in the correct size, etc. for the women to see at a meeting.
  5. Do not assume you will definitely be sending a particular item just because you put that on your form. Several others may choose the same item.  The assignments will be made as the requests are received.
  6. Please do not give this list to individual churches. This should be an associational project in gathering one item.  Please give them the sizing information.

Important Things to consider in choosing an item are:

  • Will the items be delivered by mail or brought to Camp Mundo Vista? Consider lighter items if they will be mailed.  To ship items UPS use this address:

Camp Mundo Vista, 3140 Camp Mundo Vista Trail Sophia, NC 27350 (please label boxes Attn: Bob Navey “Red boxes”)

If you need to contact Bob regarding the time you are bringing the items to camp his contact info is 336-625-4828.   Any other questions, please contact me.

  • Even though the items are a much greater need, if delivery is a problem, consider collecting money. Money is needed to purchase gift boxes, cards, and special gift items.  Please collect the money and send all of it as an association – not as individuals or a church.  Make the check payable to WMU NC and mail it to WMU NC , 1200 Front Street, Suite 110, Raleigh, NC   27609 (indicate on the check for prison boxes), Attn. Margaret Harding.
  • All gifts should be at Camp Mundo Vista no later than Friday, November 3, 2017. Set the date you are to receive your items one or two weeks before you plan to deliver or mail them to Camp.  Please do not bring the items before October 20.

To participate:

  • The WMU director and Missions Involvement Consultant should confer and decide on the item to collect.
  • Complete and mail the form at the bottom of the Gifts List to the WMU office on or before August 1, 2017. Within 2 weeks, you will receive an email confirmation or phone call about the item you are to send.